Outsource to Palestine

I moved from Toronto last August and I’m currently President of iConnect Tech, a provider of outsourced software development services located in Ramallah. iConnect was founded in 2007 by a Palestinian expatriate living in Chicago, and in less than five years has grown to around 45 employees, mainly software developers.  We pride ourselves as being a leader in providing training to university students and creating job opportunities for new graduates. There is a large pool of talent in Palestine, and we are lucky at iConnect to have amazing teams of software professionals.

What we are lacking is exposure of North American and European businesses to Palestine. We are not seen as a destination for investments or outsourcing services, and this perception problem is something we are working hard to change. We are not looking for donations, but instead we are looking to create long-lasting mutually-beneficial business partnerships with North American and European companies. We want to compete at a global level and prove that we are just as competent as any other software company anywhere in the world. Since it started in 2007, iConnect has successfully completed multiple projects for its clients, and has the software development and outsourcing experience needed to take on complex software projects.

Many people would like to support Palestinians, but don’t know how. In my view, one of the best ways is to bring business opportunities to Palestinian companies. They don’t necessarily have to be to iConnect, but bringing business to any Palestinian company helps create jobs that will help improve the Palestinian economy and lower our dependence on foreign aid, in addition to building a brighter, more positive image for Palestine.

While not everyone might be in a position to outsource to Palestine, I’m sure there are many that can. We’re not asking for an unfair advantage because we’re Palestinians, we’re just asking for a chance to prove that we have the skills companies outside are looking for.


One thought on “Outsource to Palestine

  1. Thank you for your description of the entrepreneurial spirit in Palestine. On a visit last year to Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron, etc. I was impressed by the skill, education, and motivation of Palestinians to make a better life. Recognizing their abilities, especially in software and internet businesses, is a sure way to assist these brave people living in a difficult situation.

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