Amman Tech Tuesday

Yesterday I was in Amman attending the Amman Tech Tuesday second anniversary event.  Although I wasn’t able to stay until the end and attend the evening sessions, I was amazed by the amount and quality of startups exhibiting.  There really is so much we can learn from events like this and I’m definitely planning to attend a regular meeting sometime in the near future.

My goal is to create something similar here in Palestine.  I know there are others working to create something and I’m hoping to find them so that we can work together.  It isn’t a difficult task to pull off, but it doesn’t need commitment and dedication to followup and organize.

What I need to find is:

1. A place to meet on a regular basis.  I think consistency would be a big plus here.  Meeting in the same place every month would definitely make it easier for people to find and we could probably get a better rate if we can commit to renting space out once a month for a year.  All we really need is a place to fit 200 people, although I’m hoping it will grow more than that.  We’ll also need a projector, a microphone and some speakers.

2. Speakers.  We’ll need 2 to 3 speakers at each meeting.  I don’t imagine we’ll have a problem finding speakers, and we’ll always keep an extra person in the hot seat in case someone cancels last minute.  Worst case, we can have two speakers, which should be sufficient for a successful meeting.  I would also like to have a startup of the month section, where a startup can come and speak about their project/company.  This is basically a great way for startups to get some free advertising time.

3. Dedication and commitment. This needs to be done every month, and it needs to be properly organized.  Hopefully, we’ll have a solid team of volunteers to help keep things moving.

Now, I’m off to post on Peeks to see who’s interested.


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