A new chapter

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a new blog post.  All I know is that it’s time to get back to regular writing, especially now that I’ve started a new chapter in my life.  Earlier this month, I took the daring step of quitting my day job to dedicate my full time to our new startup, AidBits, an online data management platform for NGOs and the non-profit sector, which I co-founded with Ibrahim Abu Kteish.  The idea has been in the works since November 2012, and after much refining of the idea and a lot of customer validation, we’ve assembled a fantastic team and dove into the development process.

Our goal with AidBits is to create an online platform that will help organizations in the non-profit sector operate more efficiently and effectively, which we believe will lead them to provide a greater impact on the communities they work and beneficiaries they serve.  We would like to introduce new tools that will help non-profit employees spend less time with mundane, time-consuming tasks that can be automated, and spend more time on tasks that require human intelligence and decision making.

The one thing that really stood out for me when starting AidBits is that entrepreneurship is much harder than it first seems.  There are so many details that need a lot of attention, such as building a product/service that people will like and use, finding the right team that complement each other and work well together, the legal aspect, finding financing and one of the most challenging areas which is planning.   Creating plans has taken a lot of our time and I believe will continue to do so.  Marketing, sales, human resource and development plans to start with, and many more to follow.

We’re always searching for feedback and comments, so please check out our site www.aidbits.com and drop us a line on our blog or on our Facebook page and let us know what you think.


Author: fmnasr

Currently the president of a Palestinian software outsourcing company and interested in innovation and entrepreneurs. I get really excited when I see young minds trying to realize their dreams to develop their own products/services in order to start their own company.

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